Day 1 – and Scandar Copti, folks.

Here we are, live from Cairo.  The Internet signal is a bit weak, unless you sit on a certain part of my bed and hold up a piece of tin foil.  I may be exaggerating a bit, but it’s pretty rough.  We’ll update as much as we can from what signal we can get.

Started off the day with the “Continental breakfast” at the good ol’ Carlton Hotel.  Basically this consisted of a scrambled egg/omelette and a croissant.  Ate up and headed to Spinny’s, which is basically the equivalent of the Carrefour or a Walmart.  We stocked up on some groceries and essentials (aka bug spray, hand soap, and water) and headed back to the hotel.  We got some snacks, and more importantly an electric kettle so that we can have a “cuppa” anytime.

We headed out to Korba, to meet up with a girl named Lydia, who we are going to help out with a few things for a project she is working on.  The infamous Lana Shamma hooked us up with this girl, who is from the OC as well, and just got back to Egypt a few weeks ago.  We met, had some shwarma for lunch, and discussed a few things.  We will be meeting up with her next week to shoot some things in a similar garbage collecting community where she is currently helping out.

Trying to schedule a meeting with a young lady we met last time we were here – she was a journalist interviewing the same person we were, and we kept in contact, and she may help us out with some translating stuff.

Just relaxing a bit until the rest of our day settles out.

And for those keeping track – last night, our first night, Lauren and I most DEFINITELY went to GAD to get the delicious treat we discovered last time we were here.  Nothing like dough, milk, sugar, more milk, more sugar, and oil to welcome you to Cairo.

We’ll keep you posted!  Thank you for the support.  We feel it here, even halfway around the world.  x

PS:  speaking of love and support, just want to take this opportunity to show some love for our fellow DTFFer and now OSCAR NOMINATED FILMMAKER SCANDAR COPTI for his film Ajami, which was just nominated for Best Foreign Film at the Oscars.  We are all so proud of you man, and we will be rooting for you every step of the way.  You can check out the trailer here:

For those of you in the states – Ajami is being released *this Wednesday, February 3rd* at the Film Forum in NYC.  You can buy tickets and find out more info HERE.


~ by zabaleen on February 2, 2010.

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