Day 2 – Moving right along…

Day two, alive and kickin.  We had a really productive day today, actually.  Started off kind of mellow – nursing a tender tummy, Justin was back into action today.  We checked emails, made a tentative plan for the day, had our cups of tea, and headed up to Moqattam for the afternoon.  Our plan today was to head up to the A.P.E. and check in with the friends we made there on our last visit.  We met up with Nicole, who works at the A.P.E., who we were lucky to meet and chat with the last time we were here.  We were able to shoot some footage, of the ladies working and recycling, as well as some great landscape shots.  (PS:  Justin’s footage looks great.)  Lauren snapped a bunch of great pics (posted below), and overall, it was a great day.  We scheduled interviews and appointments for this week and next, and things are starting to fall into place.  We ordered some lovely room service back “home” at the Carlton, which surprisingly wasn’t too bad (fingers crossed), watched one or two Denzel movies, and then closed out the night watching the documentary “Confessions of a Superhero.”  Good flick.

Here are a few of Lauren’s shots, followed by a little medley of some flip cam footage I shot today – just to give you a little visual treat.

We have long day ahead of us tomorrow, so time for bed.  It is freezing, the mosquitos eat you alive, and I have yet to sleep more than three hours since getting here.   Feels good though.  Thanks again for sticking with us!


PS:  Justin Kramer has become the KING of killing mosquitos.  Thank you, JK.


~ by zabaleen on February 3, 2010.

One Response to “Day 2 – Moving right along…”

  1. Loving the roller skate. 🙂

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