A quickie…

I waited until I was laying down to go to sleep, then decided I couldn’t go a night without blogging, even if it’s quick.  SO here we go…

Another amazing day of shooting with our new family – this day was all about the boys.  Got some fantastic interviews with them, and wait WAIT WAIT until you see this footage.  Oh Justin Kramer.  I got to babysit about 8 children who were so hopped up on sugar from the treats we brought them, that I had to dance, attempt to learn Arabic, and even had to catapult my new little best friend on an old wooden door to keep them occupied and out of the way of the interviews.  (pictures to come)

Tomorrow, we’re going to film at the Spirit of Youth recycling school.  We went there on our previous visit, but just sat and chatted for a bit – we didn’t actually film anything.  This time, we’ve got interviews set up, so we are ready to go.  And more importantly, tomorrow we have been invited to our first Zabaleen wedding.  We were hoping to crash one while we were here, but even better than crashing – we were INVITED!  I think the three of us are super stoked to see this.  I’m bringing my dancing shoes, don’t you worry.

I don’t care what time we get home tomorrow, I will post some pics or edit some video together to share.  I hope you are enjoying the updates!  We are all smiles here.  Feels amazing.

Sending all the love, love, love our little hearts can handle.


~ by zabaleen on February 6, 2010.

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