Every person has a story…

Wow.  Wow, wow, wow.  We had a bit of a reality check today.  We have been meeting with one family this past week – spending lots of time with them, getting to know them, and becoming part of their family.  I think all three of us were surprised when we first went inside their apartments within their home – it was better than what we had expected.  With that said – they are not ideal living conditions for most, but inside was colorful, vibrant, and full of life.  It wasn’t what we were expecting at all.  We came to realize that this family was much better off than most in the community.  We saw first hand, today.

Through some connections, we got the ok to meet with another family, who live right around the corner from where we have been shooting.  They are actually right up along the mountain – like you can throw a stone and hit the mountain face.  We were welcomed in, and trudged our way through the roughest conditions we have seen yet.  They took us in and showed us a little room, which actually is their ONLY room.  The mother and father have eleven children and five grandchildren.  Let’s just say the conditions were beyond.  We waded through piles of trash, more than we had seen before, and we could hear our little furry friends scurrying around.  The room was too tiny for all of us to fit, so Justin was in there to film, Heba to translate, and Lauren was standing on the edge of the step.  I was holding a bunch of bags, so I couldn’t fit, so I stood on the ground, outside.  I had to find my happy place, as rats were crawling on and around my feet, as I stood quietly, listening to the interviews.  I never thought I would type the sentence “rats crawling on and around my feet” and be somewhat ok with it.  I just pretended they were puppy dogs – some of them were the size of one, so it was fitting.  And hey, when Justin was filming some b-roll inside, he said one bit him on the leg – DON’T WORRY, it didn’t go through his jeans.  There were a lot of chickens and dogs running around too.  It was a big ol’ happy family.  The interview went well – these people here are so amazing.  Every person has a story.  This family was way different than what we have experienced so far – and that’s the beauty of it.

The more we learn, the more people we meet, the better this film will be.  Heck, the better we’ll be.

Tomorrow, the gameplan is to go back and meet with this new family again – get some daytime footage.  Gonna check in with our boys, see how the Flip cam is doing, and get a few more interviews.  THURSDAY is a big day.  Wait til you hear what we have planned.

On that note, I’m heading to bed.  Another exhausting day for the three musketeers.  Early day tomorrow, too.

love, love, love.


ps:  My highlight of the day…   There is a hill we have to walk up, that leads to the monastery, and our family’s house is right at the top.  Today, when we were walking up, the kids saw us and started waving.  Then, here she comes, little Noura comes running down full speed with her little legs and ran straight into me with the biggest hug that little girl could muster.  That was it.  My heart melted right there.  Check out this little sugar pie…

isn’t she ADORABLE?!


~ by zabaleen on February 9, 2010.

One Response to “Every person has a story…”

  1. The little girl IS adorable! And I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your day-to-days…you have a way of writing that makes me feel the way your heart warms and the way you are being humbled every day by each new experience! I am soooo looking forward to the film!

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