Overdue post cairo thoughts

When you embark on an ambitious project, such as this documentary, you can never take things for granted. Things wont always be easy. Sometimes they wont even just be difficult…. Sometimes they end up seeming impossible.
Cancelled interviews, poor weather, distrust from subjects, change in attitude, police interference, and hundreds of other factors can stand in your way.
The objective is to stay positive when all the elements that have worked so well in the past, begin to show weaknesses.
That is what we faced on this trip to Cairo.

Things are constantly changing, like lives normally do, but rolling with the punches is an acquired skill that can only come into play when you learn it the hard way.
We took each punch and got back up on our feet to fight another round.
Sticking and moving, we were able to come out of the fight with some incredible footage and experiences.

We met loads of new people, shot amazing stories, and spend some real quality time with some of our families.
We even went as far as eating an enormous (and delicious) meal while rats ran at our feet and rotting garbage piled up around us. It was moments like these that reminded us just why we were here and doing what we were doing.
The progress that was made during this trip was essential for the success of this film and after witnessing it, we are left with a new sense of accomplishment and hope for the future (even in the grimmest conditions of humanity).

The film now has an official completion deadline; May 2011.
This was decided after we purchased some extremely disturbing and exclusive footage from a local newspaper of the massive pig cull that devastated the families of Mansheyet Nasser a little over a year ago. One missing piece of the puzzle is now in place and will truly convey the brutality by which an entire community of people’s livelihood can be stripped from them.

Our direction is now completely clear as are our minds. We know where we are going and how to get there. Through the burning plastic clouds, the sun is shining down on the valley under the mountain. We are eager to help the fearful, yet proud people who live in the shadows of the giant rock.
We hope that eagerness will translate when eyes around the world are opened in a little under a year when our film is completed.

Also: There aren’t a plethora of photos from this trip, we’ve learned how the dynamic is different with just a video camera. We prefer it. So we promise some frame grabs instead.


~ by zabaleen on June 10, 2010.

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