A letter from the mountain

Before we left cairo we agreed with Mourad that we would start writing each other letters..

Mourad calls us quite regularly and the frustration on our side has been growing. With each phonecall from Mourad (and hearing the whole family shouting in the background) we feel a deeper sense of desperation to communicate with them, but the language barrier stands in our way constantly. Although – hearing their voices shouting down the phone at us is still satisfaction in itself.

We left Cairo a month ago..i wondered for the first few days if they would find some way to get in touch – but in all honesty i just assumed they would find it too difficult and leave it.

Justin had a phonecall yesterday from Mourad and fortunately had an egyptian friend close by who was able to translate for us – he was trying to tell us he’d sent a letter 15 days ago and wanted to know if we had received it!! I was so excited to hear they’d sent something – but also in great doubt that it would ever reach us..knowing how things work in egypt, and in doha..chances seemed slim.

I walked in the front door today and saw this on the table..

Oh my god i was so excited. I called Rahab, an great egyptian friend of ours, to tell her to be ready at her computer because I was about to open this letter, scan it and have her translate it over the phone. I gently opened the envelope (so as to save it forever) and found a piece of paper inside – folded up so small at first i thought they forgot to put the letter in.

I turned on the scanner, opened my email..then back to the letter – i started to unfold it and realised SOMEHOW he’s written a letter to us in english! He must have taken it to someone who could write – perhaps someone from the monestary, i’m not sure who but it was amazing!! I was so impressed! I’ve already started my reply (which we will be sending back to him in arabic – courtesy of Rahab)

There are so many things we can’t wait to write to him about.

Anyway – a beautiful connection – we all wish we could go back tomorrow and carry on.

These are some frame grabs of Mourad..


~ by zabaleen on June 27, 2010.

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