Current State of Chaos and Revolution

As the entire globe has seen, Egypt is in the middle of the most profound revolution that the world has ever witnessed.

Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians have flooded the streets since Jan 25th to voice their frustrations and demand the “end of the Mubarak regime”.

It is unclear who started/organized the protests but most arrows point toward the youth and social networking. When the protests started, it seemed unclear whether of not their voices would be heard but by Friday evening, it was unmistakable that the people have the power.

Violence spread, not only across the capital of Cairo but all throughout the country. Al Jazeera has been a constant live stream of images and sounds from the streets. The images of police trucks being burned, tear gas flying in the air every few seconds, the sounds of gunshots and explosions echoing through the streets….. all of these images were flooding in with no sign of slowing down.

There was no word from Mubarak until 4am Saturday. He announced that he would not give up power but would instead fire his entire cabinet, which he did before in The people were again outraged and the protests went on throughout the night. One major event was the NDP building engulfed in flames as protesters looted the premises. People were carrying out furniture and everything they could get their hands on.

When the protests picked back up (although they never really stopped) on Saturday, the police were nowhere to be seen. They had completely vanished from view. Instead, the military lined the streets.

The major difference between this sight and the ones from previous days; peace.

The military was not there to beat the protesters. They were not there to shoot at them. They are there to simply protect the people.

As the story unfolds, Mubarak has elected a new VP and PM. Of these elections, both are heads of the military and both are considered to have always been “Mubarak’s right hand men”. This is completely unsatisfactory for the people of Egypt. They refuse to accept this as the “new government”. They will not rest until Hosni Mubarak resigns. The end of the regime is near.

The questions now are: Who will take over if Mubarak steps down? Where does the country go from here? How many more lives will be claimed in the violence?

As many have reported, the unprecedented elimination of communication within Egypt continues. With a nearly no way to get in touch with each or the outside world, Egyptians are left seemingly, “in the dark.” We have not been able to speak to our friends from Manshayet Nasser very much but when we are able to get a clear line, it appears they are doing everything they can to stay out of it.

The last we heard, Mourad and his family are safe at home.

To follow the situation in Egypt, please watch the live stream being provided by Al Jazeera English HERE.

By the time you read this blog more will have developed in Egypt.

We are glued to the news, our thoughts are in Cairo.

We hope the revolution is peaceful, united and strong throughout.


~ by zabaleen on January 29, 2011.

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