New Video on Tuesday…. Unless you want to see it early!!!

As promised, we will be hosting loads of new content in the coming weeks. We have a 5 minute video featuring Mourad, that will hit the web on Tuesday July 26th. BUT…. we want to give you a chance to see it early!


You have 2 ways to get the early viewing!

1- Tweet about @Zabaleen. It’s that easy.

2- Get one of your friends to follow us. Have your friend tweet at us including your twitter name. Once we get that tweet, we will DM both of you a link and password to view the video early!!!!



You have a 3 ways to get exclusive access to the video early. Do one of these things and we’ll send you a link and password to the video before anyone else sees it.

1. “Like” The Zabaleen Project

2. Write on our wall and tell us why you want to see the film.

3. If you like one of our videos, share it on your page.

So there you go…. if you want to see this video early, we’ll be looking out for your tweets and facebook moves.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

-The Zabaleen Crew



~ by zabaleen on July 20, 2011.

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