Zabaleen in The National UAE: From Revolution to Red Carpet

Today, Zabaleen got a bit of press in The National UAE. Writer Ben Flanagan reached out to us to learn about our experiences with Kickstarter. We had a great conversation and the article is quite good. Take a look HERE.

And all this Kickstarter talk reminds me…

Thank you so much for helping us make this dream come true. And to let you know we certainly haven’t forgotten all of your rewards. We have the prints and posters ready to ship but we want to make sure we do our research and ship them in the best possible way to avoid damaging the artwork.

We’re in a really great place with the edit right now and have high hopes that we will have the film finished by the end of September. More updates coming soon!Image

~ by zabaleen on May 31, 2012.

One Response to “Zabaleen in The National UAE: From Revolution to Red Carpet”

  1. We need to get these people out of Egypt. How can we do it ? They can not continue to live amongst people who now have a wholesale right to oppress them. They need to come to the west where they will be free and will be able to live in peace to raise their families and realize their dreams. There is lots of room for them in Canada and the USA. They are compatible with our way of life and we need to start the ball rolling to bring as many as possible to freedom !

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